• It took Gary V 10 years to “make it”
  • You are not a machine
  • Holistic is a reference to the whole
  • Follow holistic methods for sustainable growth and success
  • Rethink the value of patience in your life. 

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gary v is kryptonite to your superman. Use Holistic methods to get your strength back!


What?? Why am I saying this? How can I…
Look I know Gary V is an amazing success story. He’s everywhere, preaching, pushing, and cajoling. Anywhere you look there he is doing what he can to get people to be more proactive and to really start living life.

I know he means well.

Heck, to me he’s the closest thing to a grandpa, you know, like your dear old Grandpa George. But what is lost in his message and what most people forget it took him ten years to, “make it”.  

So while he means well, I think he is inadvertently responsible for way too many entrepreneurs maniacally pushing themselves to succeed at all cost, many falling into untreated depression, and ultimately experiencing a life less lived.

But, don’t get me wrong I still want you to reach all your life-changing goals.
I just want you to think more holistically.

Holistic? Bryan, what is that? 

HOLISTIC-characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Thinking holistically means seeing the value and function of the whole.

That’s right I’m talking about rethinking, and revaluing.

I want you to value the whole of you. This means no more pretending you are an unfeeling machine. I don’t want you hell-bent on success at all costs, pretending you are capable of going without sleep or proper food and exercise for weeks at a time.

Also, to the best of your ability, I want you to rethink what true success means.

If you want an example, look at the highly successful, I’m talking about Jeff Bezos and the like. Google their lives and you will see they make time for all aspects of life.

They prioritize reading, contemplation, planning, and most importantly exercise.

Now you may be saying, well that’s easy for them, cause they’re rich! Regardless I’m advocating living your life in balance RIGHT NOW as a conscious choice. Can’t take an entire Saturday off to think? Make it a point to set aside (and jealously guard) thirty minutes to do so.

Living according to holistic principles means making time for among other things, exercise, sleep, contemplation, appreciation, and stimulation. It means prioritizing taking regular breaks vs pushing yourself through success at all costs 24-hour marathons.

It means realizing the value of patience(and failure) as pertains to learning and growth. 
For more specific information check this link

Look I know you have big dreams, are passionate about changing the world for the better, and buying a private island for all the Pandas in the world.

I get it. 
But a ton of research and real-life examples show how a more balanced, even-keeled you is ten times more likely to see that vision come to reality.