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TEWASI was founded by Bryan Forsythe in 2020 five years after he suffered a near-suicidal depressive breakdown.
Yes, like many success stories, it all started with a personal breakup! Now as you might imagine such a traumatic experience taught him a few things. For one, being in treatment helped him realize he’d probably been dealing with undiscovered depression for most of his life. But the main thing he learned from seven months of treatment, was just how much he hated the way anti-depressants made him feel. The truth was, he had never felt so powerless, and dependent, and once he got off of them,  he vowed never to do so again. 

It was these two realizations that led him to write the self help depression primer, Crack the Depression Code, and start life as a lifestyle coach specializing in depression. 

For a while everything was proceeding along, then came news of the tragic suicide of incredibly well-loved, and successful entrepreneur Kate Spade. While it was a shock, he had known about the strong link between the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and depression. But thinking about how close he had come to a similar end got him thinking about his own path. It had literally started the day he finished Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Work Week. Starting that day, bitten by the lure of enjoying the Ferriss lifestyle, his life was driven by a rapidly growing unconscious, maniacal pursuit of success at all costs. Day after day, the stress and need to succeed mounted, till ultimately his life became a near continual pursuit of an easy button, convinced anything was possible, he bounced from one guru and get rich scheme to another. Yes, he knew it had been bad, but it could have been much worse. Right then he vowed to make sure other entrepreneurs would not suffer as he had.

That was the day TEWASI was born.

Since that day, and over the past couple of years, he has developed many resources, and educational programs, designed to guide entrepreneurs to pursue their world-changing dreams in a healthy sustainable, way, including most recently his Radically Unstuck podcast.

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