TEWASI was founded in 2020 five years after the founder, Bryan Forsythe suffered a near-suicidal depressive breakdown.picture of the founder

While it was tough, being in treatment helped him slow down and think.

Fact is, once he was started getting decent sleep, got off the 24hour “a day hustle train”, and stopped focusing so much on where his next dollar was coming from, it was TOO easy to see just how much the “get rich at all costs”, entrepreneurial mindset had contributed to his condition 

The day he left treatment he made two resolutions.

One, he hated how powerless and dependent anti-depressants made him feel and resolved never again to depend on them; two he would focus on achieving holistic success based around six key areas, and help others do the same.

In reality, these two realizations would later form the keys to TEWASI, but as he was still in the Navy, building and running a non-profit wasn’t possible.
Never the less, still wanting to help people as he could, he wrote the self help depression primer, Crack the Depression Code, and started life as a lifestyle coach specializing in depression. 

For a while everything was proceeding along, then came news of first Anthony Bourdain’s then Kate Spade’s suicide. Though he was already intimately aware of the strong link between entrepreneurial “burnout” and depression, he was shocked.

He started thinking about how only years ago he had almost come to a similar end, how his entrepreneurial journey had literally started with reading Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Work Week. How, like many he was consumed, bitten by the lure of enjoying the Ferriss lifestyle.

He’d let that unreasonable burning desire to be a successful entrepreneur turn his life into a near continual pursuit of the perfect app and/or course, easily convinced anything was possible, he constantly bounced from idea, one guru and get rich scheme to another. Then he crashed.

Right then he vowed to make sure other entrepreneurs would not suffer as he had.

That was the day TEWASI was born.

Since then, and over the past couple of years, he has developed many resources, and educational programs, designed to guide entrepreneurs to pursue their world-changing dreams in a healthy sustainable, way, including most recently his  Radically Unstuck  podcast.


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