• Our internal scars can be the most impactful.
  • Unresolved personal scars can sap our energy, motivation, and sense of purpose.
  • Take some time to assess and process your worst past failures. 
  • Remember the power of your why.
  • Work to see your failures as part of your great journey. 


Today as I was waking up, just as the sun was peeking under my curtains playing across a sleeping Mason dog’s grizzly grey muzzle, my eyes opened and in the low morning light, I saw the twenty-odd barely visible scars on my right knuckles.


Instantly I was transported back, back (way back) to when I was about 26 living with my mom in Memphis, and the night I punched an alarm clock. As I touched the fading suture scars, I remembered the sound of the doctor’s laughter as I explained I didn’t know the clock face was glass.
Oh man, how he laughed and then he told all the other doctors and they laughed too!
I was embarrassed then, and for a long time remembering that day used to torment me. For years looking down at those suture holes made me feel like a stupid, angry child, unable to control itself, a simple joke for people smarter than I at which to laugh.
Then one day it became simply a scar, no more no less. 
The question is what day was that? What day did the scars no longer mean shame for me? I don’t remember but now when I look at them I wonder.
I wonder though how many times I let those scars impact my days, or months after the event? How many times did I let my scars sap my energy and ruin a day’s precious moment? Fifteen? A hundred? More?
I don’t know.
But it seems likely that if a simple little scar right there on my right hand impacted me long after the event then the scars I can’t see, the internal ones would do so as well.

The value of Process

I think this is an important point for us entrepreneurial types. Because look, we both know being an entrepreneur is a risk, and when things don’t work out, picking up the pieces can be incredibly difficult, especially if we haven’t taken the time to assess and process our entrepreneurial scars. 
Moving past a difficult time without processing can lead to even more stress, and what’s worse, more irresponsible easy button behavior/gambling as you work to beat the ghost so to speak. Cause news flash, your unresolved unprocessed failure is quite literally a ghost kept alive only by you.
The truth is, whether bankruptcy, failed product launch, or whatever else until you share, your entrepreneurial scars, are just that, just things that are inside of yourself. No one can see them.
However, because you know it can feel like others can see them, which keeps you from having success.
Because if we don’t stop and process, fear, and embarrassment collect around these scars.
Unrecognized and unresolved fear can obviously lead to among other things indecision and loss of focus, and if sufficiently powerful could mean others will “pick up” your shame around the event.
This could lead to you missing out on needed support or sales! Worse, because you are so aware of your failures so to speak, it can make moving on from even the smallest issues much harder.
Or if you aren’t careful you won’t fully commit to the effort you will get gun shy, scared to fully commit.
This won’t do! You know full commitment is the only way to accomplish your goals and dreams.
So right now, if you are saying to yourself “Look I messed up in the past.” you don’t know!
I don’t want it to hinder you.
Hopefully, this gives you some comfort.
Look, if you’ve gone through bankruptcy that’s okay. If you messed up and did something stupid, that’s okay. That’s what this life is about. The good news is, owning, and processing your entrepreneurial scars, is like a time machine, moving you forwards in time making your scars disappear where it counts- in your brain!
So I want you to take a moment to reassess your entrepreneurial scars. See the ups and downs as growth NOT disappointment.
The fact is, we entrepreneurs have so many things on our shoulders and I get that. I hope this message helps relieve some of that pressure for you.
Because if you don’t keep risking, trying, keep getting those scars, where is the world going to be? Where are you going to be?
Where’s your family going to be?
Where are the people you’re serving going to be?
They need you and it’s worth the risk, worth the sacrifice, worth the fears.
Because if you’re going to affect those people when you deliver on what you know you have and you change their lives, it makes it all worth it.


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